Study Skills Recommendations

-Keep up with the work. The homework assignments are meant to help you practice and reinforce what you learned in class. By doing the homework every night, you will find yourself in a strong position to excel on quizzes and tests.

-Organize your time for reviewing the material. It is very difficult to prepare for a math test just by going over all the material the night before the exam. Make sure to review notes and homework assignments periodically. Since many of the tests are cumulative, you should also look back on past tests and make sure you understand how to correct problems that you may have gotten wrong.

-Know your study preferences. Some of us prepare better for a test by working alone. Others benefit from studying with a group or a partner. Consider your preferences and make choices accordingly.

-Make good use of extra help. There are many resources available for helping you when you are having difficulty with the material. Also, consider asking your peers for help. You can learn a great deal from each other.

-Show your work ALL the time!! Showing your work is not just important on tests; you should get in the habit of showing your work on examples, classwork and homework problems. This helps you to understand the equations and algebraic principles in a deeper way. By showing your work, you are more aware of how to reach a solution.

-Work neatly and use pencil so that you can easily make necessary changes.

-Celebrate your achievements. Be proud of the work that you are doing and remind yourself that small steps and improvements are very good!

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