Grading Policy

-Quarterly homework grade: Each quarter, 10 of approximately 20 homework assignments will be corrected and graded. Every homework is worth 10 points for a total grade of 100%. Homework will count as 10% of the quarter grade.

-Quizzes: There will be 5 quizzes during the course of the quarter. The quizzes will equal a grade of 100%. Quizzes will count as 20% of the quarter grade.

-Tests: There will be 4 major tests during the quarter. The tests will count as 40% of the quarter grade. 

-Quarterly Cumulative Test: At the end of the quarter there will be a cumulative test that will reflect your homework assignments, quizzes and tests for the quarter. This will count for 25% of the quarterly grade.

-Participation: Classwork, boardwork, groupwork, overall preparedness all count toward your quarterly average. This particular grade is worth 5%.

-If you miss a quiz, test or homework due to legal absence, you are to make an appointment with me for a make-up. The make-up must occur within one week of your return to school or you will lose the opportunity to redeem that grade.

-I have office hours almost every day either before or after school.